Welcome to the Department of Sainik Welfare

The Puducherry UT Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Board was constituted on 13 July 1965 under the patronage of the Lieutenant Governor. On 20 March 1976 the board was renamed as Rajya Sainik Board, Puducherry UT. Even though the office of the Rajya Sainik Board has been re-designated as Department of Sainik Welfare in May 1995, the Rajya Sainik Board is still in existence under the patronage of the Lieutenant Governor and referred as ‘Puducherry Sainik Welfare Board’.

Like the Kendriya Sainik Board at the Centre, the Puducherry Sainik Welfare Board is the Apex Body of the Department of Sainik Welfare, which formulates policies for resettlement, rehabilitation and welfare of Ex-servicemen and their families.

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