The ESM status of retired defence services personnel is governed by the definition in vogue at the time of his release. As per the definition laid down by DOPT the individuals released before Jul 87 without pension and with less than 5 years of service are also eligible to the status of ex-servicemen. However, each case has to be decided on its merit as per the definition in vogue at the time of his discharge.
No specific definition of ESM existed prior to 1966. The grant of ESM status to pre 1966 retirees will be governed by 1966 definition. In terms of the said definition ESM means aperson released honourably irrespective of the length of service in defence services. The individuals discharged on account of inefficiency or misconduct are, however, not to be treated honourably discharged.
Yes, if released on completion of the specific period of engagement and were given gratuity at the time of release.
Yes, if such personnel were given a gratuity and discharged on reasons other than misconduct or inefficiency.
The personnel of APS who are a part of the regular army and retired from such service (ie, directly from the APS itself without reversion to P&T Deptt) with a pension or who had been released from such service on medical grounds attributable to military service or circumstances beyond their control and awarded medical or other disability pension come within the definition of ex-servicemen. The personnel of APS discharged on or after 19 Jul 89 satisfying the above conditions only are eligible to the status of ESM.
Since a recruit is not a rank, they are Not entitled to the status of ESM, However, recruits who were/are boarded out/released on medical grounds and granted medical/disability pension have been given the status of an ex-servicemen vide Government of India, Ministry of Defence, Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Office Memorandum No 12/I/2005/D (Res) dated 01 Feb 2006.

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